study the game,
change the rules,
occupy the world,
1 space at a time.
 occupy protest

OCCUPYology is a non-partisan, not-for-profit game inspired by Occupy Wall St, but it does not speak for any political group.
It shares a message with many groups and it will be repeated around the world like a "human mic check" until the end of 1% rule. Once the 99% have their democracy back, 100% of the people can effectively decide where to go from there...

 occupy protest

Occupyology [Occupiology] - n
The study of democracy over monopoly and space.

Occupyology © 2015

the 1st Edition

Future editions will be released as the game is refined by public input via the discussion forum.

The complete game includes: 51 parts, 2 pages of instruction, a 2-sided board, and 18 2-sided cards printed on demand in Wisconsin when you order it.

It is priced at the cost of U.S. manufacturing.
(with no profit markup)

occupyology board game

Update: The game is currently being revised and is unavailable for purchase. 

+ Study Guide

This edition includes the complete game plus the OCCUPYology Study Guide.  The guide expands on the issues raised in the game and can stimulate further discussion or debate when given to a friend or relative as a reading assignment after they play the game.

It is priced at the cost of manufacturing plus a
$2 donation to the OCCUPYology project.

occupyology board game
occupyology +
occupy guide

Update: The game is currently being revised and is unavailable for purchase.